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1 h001 pr about (pertaining to; on the topic of) pre kron
1 h002 pr above, over pre vemblem
1 h003 pr across (at / to the other side of) pre pu
1 h004 pr after (later than; in the future of) pre bi
1 h005 pr around, encircling, surrounding pre gibon
1 h006 pr at (in the same location as) pre dontin
1 h007 pr because of, due to pre depo
1 h008 pr before, in front of, ahead of (spatially) pre glem
1 h009 pr before, prior to, earlier than pre grem
1 h00A pr behind, in back of, to the rear of pre dronprom
1 h00B pr between, among, amidst, inter- pre kriton
1 h00C pr beyond, farther than, exceeding pre clumpre
1 h00D pr by means of, via, per, with (using; through instrumentality of) pre cleki
1 h00E pr during pre kenpri
1 h00F pr except for, besides, apart from, other than, excluding pre beki
1 h010 pr for (to benefit; destined for; for the purpose of) pre bro
1 h011 pr for (in exchange for) pre clumbrum
1 h012 pr from, out of, away from pre zunki
1 h013 pr in (located inside of) pre gliti
1 h014 pr instead of, rather than pre gom
1 h015 pr like, similar to pre dumzi
1 h016 pr near, close to pre gun
1 h017 pr of (owned by; belonging to; associated with; = genitive) pre bre
1 h018 pr of (containing the measured quantity: "two liters of water") pre kuti
1 h019 pr on (resting on; touching the top or other surface of) pre kungro
1 h01A pr outside of, exterior to pre ton
1 h01B pr/cj than, compared to pre grondo
1 h01C pr through pre dogro
1 h01D pr to, towards, at (moving toward) pre ken
1 h01E pr under, below, beneath pre kreblu
1 h01F pr with (accompanied by) pre kogi
1 h020 pr without, with no ..., lacking pre prumzi
2 h021 v be (intransitive predicative copula) ver pleta
2 h022 v exist ver bredri
2 h023 v become (begin to be; acquire the quality...) ver kikon
2 h024 v cause (induce something to be/happen) ver tabro
2 h025 v make, render (impart quality X to Y; e.g. "I make you happy") ver kribam
2 h026 v do, perform, engage in (specified activity) ver venglo
2 h027 v have (possess / be furnished with) ver gu
2 h028 aux v pres can (is/are able to ...) ver bigum
2 h029 aux v pres should, ought to (is/are expected/advised to ...) ver vimblem
2 h02A aj/pn this (demonstrative) pro tuke
2 h02B aj/pn that (demonstrative) pro bronvin
2 h02C cj and, plus und
2 h02D cj but, however com dumpli
2 h02E cj if (on condition that...; supposing that...) com do
2 h02F cj or com cluka
2 h030 cj that (e.g. "I know that you are right") com plin
2 h031 av also, additionally, too bio temgro
2 h032 av apart, separately bio gitam
2 h033 av here (in/to this place) bio te
2 h034 av how? (in what manner?) bio piga
2 h035 av maybe, perhaps, possibly bio tigum
2 h036 av not bio bucla
2 h037 av only, solely, exclusively bio dabre
2 h038 av there (at/to that place) bio branbra
2 h039 av together bio plon
2 h03A av when? (at what time?) bio dromta
2 h03B av where? (at/to what place?) bio tranbu
2 h03C av why? (for what reason?) bio blotu
2 h03D aj any (no particular one of) vi pra
2 h03E aj every, each vi penplo
3 h03F n person, human being mo gin
3 h040 n baby, infant mo mopligin
3 h041 n child mo punpra
3 h042 n boy mo bin
3 h043 n girl mo binü
3 h044 n man (adult male person) mo glu
3 h045 n woman (adult female person) mo gluü
3 h046 n family mo vamgu
3 h047 n father mo brapin
3 h048 n mother mo brapinü
3 h049 n marriage (spousal relationship) mo zi
3 h04A n husband mo drimkri
3 h04B n wife mo du
3 h04C n son mo duü
3 h04D n daughter mo gongumü
3 h04E n brother mo kroto
3 h04F n sister mo krotoü
3 h050 n chief, leader mo plidi
3 h051 n king mi bamta
3 h052 n queen mi bamtaü
3 h053 n president mi cle
3 h054 n prime minister mi gim
3 h055 n dictator, tyrant mi bembla
3 h056 n master, lord mi zu
3 h057 n slave mi drumze
3 h058 n soldier mi bronzon
3 h059 n ambassador mi kitum
3 h05A n member (of group/organization) co vontu
3 h05B n friend mo bokan
3 h05C n enemy mo gengam
4 h05D n Mister, Mr. mo mist
4 h05E n Ms., Miss/Mrs. mo mistü
4 h05F n Miss mo missü
4 h060 n Mrs. mo mir
5 h061 n club, society (voluntary association re: a common interest) co pronke
5 h062 n committee (group appointed to do a task) co danpo
5 h063 n community (individuals sharing space / culture) co kroke
5 h064 n culture (the customs and beliefs of a people) co glakim
5 h065 n individual (one considered separately from one's species) co pebri
5 h066 n people (a people), folk, the members of an ethnic group / nation co genbum
5 h067 n public, populace, the people (as in People's Republic) co bitin
5 h068 n race (group of people with similar characteristics) co doglo
5 h069 n team, crew, squad co clo
6 h06A n abdomen co dogim
6 h06B n anus po gru
6 h06C n arm (shoulder to hand) po vave
6 h06D n back (dorsal area) po prenve
6 h06E n beard po dinko
6 h06F n blood po bli
6 h070 n body po brom
6 h071 n bone po gumgen
6 h072 n brain po glumva
6 h073 n breast, mammary po blambro
6 h074 n buttock po kikun
6 h075 n cheek (side of face below eye) po gramko
6 h076 n chest (upper front of torso) po drobe
6 h077 n chin po vemgu
6 h078 n ear po blonpi
6 h079 n egg po gruka
6 h07A n eye po cluze
6 h07B n face po pumton
6 h07C n feather po prade
6 h07D n feces, dung, excrement po dapa
6 h07E n fetus (foetus), embryo po kigle
6 h07F n finger po bun
6 h080 n fist po bronglen
6 h081 n foot (on which something stands) po trambrom
6 h082 n forehead po tri
6 h083 n gene po bebim
6 h084 n hair (a strand of fibrous material growing from the body) po di
6 h085 n hair (the hairs atop one's head thought of as a collective entity) po diis
6 h086 n hand po kubru
6 h087 n head po plobru
6 h088 n heart (coronary muscle) po blo
6 h089 n heel po kribom
6 h08A n hip po bla
6 h08B n horn (bone-like growth from animal's head) po kru
6 h08C n intestines, gut(s), viscera po gundru
6 h08D n iris (of eye) po pinpim
6 h08E n kidney po dre
6 h08F n knee po bragi
6 h090 n leg po gladra
6 h091 n lip po bronzu
6 h092 n liver po geto
6 h093 n lung po be
6 h094 n meat, flesh po clibe
6 h095 n mouth po gugun
6 h096 n muscle po bopu
6 h097 n nail (fingernail) po plapon
6 h098 n navel po pru
6 h099 n neck po gon
6 h09A n nerve po zipe
6 h09B n nose po vigu
6 h09C n organ (of body) po bredi
6 h09D n palm (of hand) po prutem
6 h09E n penis po padin
6 h09F n shell po kaki
6 h0A0 n shoulder po tagen
6 h0A1 n skeleton po peti
6 h0A2 n skin po kumba
6 h0A3 n spine, backbone po ban
6 h0A4 n stomach po gliple
6 h0A5 n sweat, perspiration po gado
6 h0A6 n tail po plonbrom
6 h0A7 n tear(drop(s)) po kronclo
6 h0A8 n testicle po tebin
6 h0A9 n throat po glum
6 h0AA n thumb po braglo
6 h0AB n toe po trunclom
6 h0AC n tongue (body-part) po keglo
6 h0AD n tooth po gliblo
6 h0AE n urine po glin
6 h0AF n vagina po glodo
6 h0B0 n vein, blood vessel po kem
6 h0B1 n waist po kinblu
6 h0B2 n wing (of bird etc.) po bagi
6 h0B3 n wound po vomkren
6 h0B4 n wrist po tunple
6 h0B5 n berry (small pulpy fruit) tas clengro
6 h0B6 n bud (of flower/leaf) tas clontran
6 h0B7 n flower tas glunblu
6 h0B8 n fruit tas krogra
6 h0B9 n leaf tas bimpi
6 h0BA n nut (hard-shelled fruit/seed with separable shell and kernel) tas bondu
6 h0BB n pod (seed pod) tas toban
6 h0BC n root (of a plant) tas pogli
6 h0BD n seed tas kopom
6 h0BE n sprout (young shoot of plant) tas vunze
7 h0BF aj alive vi zutri
7 h0C0 aj dead vi sozutri
7 h0C1 n birth da bradan
7 h0C2 n mature, adult da glingra
7 h0C3 aj healthy vi prumvo
7 h0C4 n disease, illness, sickness da plikra
7 h0C5 aj fat, obese, plump vi gremke
7 h0C6 n sex, gender da dunda
7 h0C7 aj female vi zomvo
7 h0C8 aj male vi zomvü
7 h0C9 aj neuter (neither male nor female) vi dron
7 h0CA n sense (ability to perceive a given kind of stimuli) mo premprim
7 h0CB n pain zo tempam
7 h0CC n pleasure zo danbun
7 h0CD aj tired, weary vi tomzi
7 h0CE aj refreshed, zesty, perky vi pom
7 h0CF v sleep ver tonto
7 h0D0 aj awake vi blin
7 h0D1 n fever zo dopom
8 h0D2 v bite ver dripom
8 h0D3 v breathe ver demgam
8 h0D4 v catch (stop the motion of and seize in the hands) ver pombem
8 h0D5 v climb ver tim
8 h0D6 v copulate, have sex (with) ver clumtro
8 h0D7 v crawl ver dragem
8 h0D8 v cry out, shout, yell ver vi
8 h0D9 v cry, weep ver damgo
8 h0DA v dance ver gambam
8 h0DB v die ver dunpe
8 h0DC v drink ver brem
8 h0DD v drown (die/kill via immersion) ver kuntem
8 h0DE v eat ver gle
8 h0DF v feel (perceive with the tactile sense) ver don
8 h0E0 v gesture ver zege
8 h0E1 v hold, grasp ver ta
8 h0E2 v hunt, pursue (with intent to capture and/or devour) ver clopan
8 h0E3 v jump, leap ver dage
8 h0E4 v kick ver pindi
8 h0E5 v kill ver krotu
8 h0E6 v kiss ver glonpe
8 h0E7 v laugh ver togro
8 h0E8 v lie (recline horizontally) ver cli
8 h0E9 v live (be alive) ver pungem
8 h0EA v run ver bazo
8 h0EB v shave ver popi
8 h0EC v sit (be in a sitting position) ver pramplo
8 h0ED v smile ver blonclu
8 h0EE v sneeze ver gompli
8 h0EF v spit ver zonglon
8 h0F0 v squat ver kam
8 h0F1 v stand ver tem
8 h0F2 v swallow ver da
8 h0F3 v swim ver clom
8 h0F4 v taste (perceive the flavor of) ver bremplum
8 h0F5 v throw, toss ver krabo
8 h0F6 v touch ver tabo
8 h0F7 v vomit ver gutom
8 h0F8 v walk ver dodin
8 h0F9 v wrestle ver timpim
9 h0FA n animal (non-vegetable creature) es clupan
9 h0FB n ant (insect of family Formicidae) es pon
9 h0FC n bear (animal of Ursidae family) es blaki
9 h0FD n bee (member of genus Apis) es trudim
9 h0FE n bird (egg-laying feathered animal with wings) es kombim
9 h0FF n butterfly es bo
9 h100 n cat (Felis catus) es zamkru
9 h101 n chicken es timbra
9 h102 n cockroach (insect of order Blattaria) es dro
9 h103 n cow/bull, cattle (bovine animal of either sex) es tam
9 h104 n deer (animal of family Cervidae) es bumble
9 h105 n dog (Canis familiaris) es gokan
9 h106 n donkey, ass (Equus asinus) es zankri
9 h107 n dragon (winged serpent with crested head and large claws) es pepun
9 h108 n fish es ba
9 h109 n fly (small winged insect) es vobe
9 h10A n fox (member of genus Vulpes) es kunpom
9 h10B n frog (web-footed tailless leaping amphibian) es kidi
9 h10C n goat (animal of genus Capra) es zunbi
9 h10D n grasshopper es krenbo
9 h10E n horse (Equus caballus) es tridon
9 h10F n insect es dropra
9 h110 n lion (Felis leo) es clunkru
9 h111 n lizard es gundom
9 h112 n lobster es timtam
9 h113 n mammal es truncli
9 h114 n mantis (insect of order Manteodea) es tandle
9 h115 n monkey, small primate es topa
9 h116 n mosquito es grodun
9 h117 n mouse es degru
9 h118 n pig, swine (omnivorous mammal of family Suidae) es zim
9 h119 n rabbit (animal of family Leporidae) es bego
9 h11A n reptile es gogom
9 h11B n sheep (Ovis aries) es kanke
9 h11C n snake, serpent (reptile of suborder Serpentes or Ophidia) es ple
9 h11D n spider, arachnid es gludra
9 h11E n squirrel (rodent of family Sciuridae) es dum
9 h11F n tiger (Felis tigris) es pebom
9 h120 n turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) es tungo
9 h121 n turtle (reptile of order Testudinata) es dava
9 h122 n virus es blave
9 h123 n whale (large marine mammal of order Cetacea) es begre
9 h124 n wolf (Canis lupus) es bunbli
9 h125 n worm es vibu
10 h126 n apple (tree/fruit of genus Malus) tas bren
10 h127 n bamboo (plant/stem of genera Bambusa / Arundinaria / Dendrocalamus) tas tron
10 h128 n banana (plant/fruit of genus Musa) tas temta
10 h129 n bean (lima/snap/etc.: plant/seed of genus Phaseolus or similar) tas ki
10 h12A n cabbage (plant/leaves of sp. Brassica oleracea capitata) tas demko
10 h12B n carrot (plant/root of sp. Daucus carota sativus) tas drabre
10 h12C n coffee (plant/seeds of sp. Coffea arabica) tas timben
10 h12D n cork (tree/elastic tissue of sp. Quercus suber) tas pipru
10 h12E n corn, maize (plant/seeds of sp. Zea mays) tas trogim
10 h12F n cotton (plant/fibers of genus Gossypium) tas pla
10 h130 n cucumber (Cucumis sativus) tas kra
10 h131 n date (tree/fruit of sp. Phoenix dactylifera) tas kruti
10 h132 n fig (tree/fruit of genus Ficus) tas budum
10 h133 n flax (Linum usitatissimum) tas zute
10 h134 n garlic (herb of sp. Allium sativum) tas blanbo
10 h135 n ginger (plant/rhizome of genus Zingiber) tas vubru
10 h136 n ginseng (plant/root of genus Panax) tas genpan
10 h137 n gourd (plant/hard-rinded fruit of genera Lagenaria & Cucurbita) tas pem
10 h138 n grape (plant/fruit of genus Vitis) tas druva
10 h139 n grass (monocotyledonous plant of family Gramineae) tas pleden
10 h13A n hemp, marijuana (plant/material of sp. Cannabis sativa) tas benple
10 h13B n kelp (seaweed of orders Laminariales and Fucales) tas gren
10 h13C n lentil (plant/seeds of sp. Lens culinaris) tas vamgle
10 h13D n lettuce (plant/leaves of genus Lactuca) tas drun
10 h13E n mandarin, tangerine (tree/fruit of sp. Citrus reticulata) tas gepin
10 h13F n mint (plant of family Labiatae) tas dunkin
10 h140 n mushroom (a complex aerial fleshy fruiting body of a fungus) tas temgo
10 h141 n mustard (plant of sp. Brassica hirta / B. nigra / B. juncea) tas tronpre
10 h142 n oak (tree of genus Quercus) tas gi
10 h143 n oat (plant/seed of genus Avena) tas clambe
10 h144 n olive (tree/fruit of sp. Olea europaea) tas taza
10 h145 n onion (plant/bulb of sp. Allium sepa) tas gagum
10 h146 n orange (tree/fruit of Citrus sinensis / related spp.) tas glante
10 h147 n pea (plant/seed of sp. Pisum sativum) tas blape
10 h148 n peanut (plant/seed/pod of sp. Arachis hypogaea) tas to
10 h149 n pepper (hot/sweet/bell pepper -- plant/pod of genus Capsicum) tas tindre
10 h14A n pepper (black -- plant/seed of sp. Piper nigrum) tas dogi
10 h14B n pine (coniferous tree of genus Pinus) tas ducla
10 h14C n plum (certain trees/fruits of genus Prunus) tas ginva
10 h14D n potato (plant/tuber of sp. Solanum tuberosum) tas bakra
10 h14E n rice (plant/seed of sp. Oryza sativa) tas zedro
10 h14F n rose (plant/flower of genus Rosa) tas panpi
10 h150 n safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) tas panbu
10 h151 n sesame (plant/seed of genus Sesamum) tas pliglu
10 h152 n soya, soybean (plant/seed of sp. Glycine max) tas dripu
10 h153 n spinach (plant/leaves of sp. Spinacia oleracea) tas benkro
10 h154 n squash, melon (plant/fruit of genus Cucurbita grown for edible fruit) tas plite
10 h155 n sunflower (plant/bloom of sp. Helianthus annuus) tas grumbe
10 h156 n tea (plant/leaves of sp. Camellia sinensis) tas grin
10 h157 n tobacco (plant/leaves of sp. Nicotiana tabacum) tas vegon
10 h158 n tomato (plant/berry of genus Lycopersicon) tas baban
10 h159 n wheat (plant/seed of sp. Triticum aestivum) tas trungu
10 h15A n bush, shrub tas tenkon
10 h15B n garden tas blu
10 h15C n grain(s), cereal crop(s) and their seed(s) tas plitun
10 h15D v harvest, reap tas gimbe
10 h15E n plant (a vegetable life-form) tas gumtan
10 h15F n tree tas drapri
11 h160 n bay (small body of water offset from lake or sea) va zo
11 h161 n beach, shore va blobru
11 h162 n cave va danva
11 h163 n cliff va kri
11 h164 n cloud va kupu
11 h165 n desert va buten
11 h166 n earth (terra firma contrasted with sea and heaven) va krode
11 h167 n earthquake va glumku
11 h168 n eclipse va bomgu
11 h169 n field (unbroken expanse of land) va pungro
11 h16A n flood, deluge va kupru
11 h16B n fog va ponkre
11 h16C n forest va prupan
11 h16D n hail va pompam
11 h16E n hill (smaller than a mountain) va tempa
11 h16F n island va blinclu
11 h170 n lake va blaplu
11 h171 n lightning va tum
11 h172 n moon (natural satellite of a planet) va zom
11 h173 n mountain va blebi
11 h174 n nature (that which occurs spontaneously; the non-artificial world) va vigra
11 h175 n planet va bompem
11 h176 n rain va punpu
11 h177 n rainbow va dadon
11 h178 n river va kenti
11 h179 n sea, ocean va dimtro
11 h17A n sky va gonti
11 h17B n snow va drabu
11 h17C n star va clanti
11 h17D n storm va temblu
11 h17E n sun va brum
11 h17F n swamp, marsh va vepre
11 h180 n thunder va dimba
11 h181 n tide va blukom
11 h182 n tornado va bancla
11 h183 n universe, cosmos va gre
11 h184 n valley va krukru
11 h185 n volcano va bupan
11 h186 n weather va kre
11 h187 n wind va kidri
11 h188 n world va bibim
12 h189 n arrow (sharp-tipped shaft shot from a bow) ge glape
12 h18A n axe ge koncla
12 h18B n balloon ge gliku
12 h18C n bar, rod ge pudi
12 h18D n barrel, cask ge brika
12 h18E n basket ge gro
12 h18F n bed ge pragi
12 h190 n bell ge dupon
12 h191 n blade ge tre
12 h192 n blanket (large piece of soft material used as a cover) ge trodo
12 h193 n board ge ka
12 h194 n bomb ge clindlo
12 h195 n bottle ge koble
12 h196 n bow (for arrows) ge dan
12 h197 n bowl (deep round dish) ge denpro
12 h198 n box (rigid rectangular receptacle) ge tro
12 h199 n brake ge kumpe
12 h19A n brick (hard clay block) ge clanglo
12 h19B n broom ge plepu
12 h19C n brush ge gondo
12 h19D n bucket, pail ge koga
12 h19E n bullet ge brokro
12 h19F n button (on a shirt etc.) ge vopro
12 h1A0 n cage ge vamgo
12 h1A1 n can (presealed metal container) {British: tin} ge bru
12 h1A2 n candle ge bom
12 h1A3 n cannon ge plumgri
12 h1A4 n chain (connected series of rings or links) ge trubo
12 h1A5 n chair (furniture for one person to sit on) ge pi
12 h1A6 n cigarette ge dripa
12 h1A7 n clock ge ble
12 h1A8 n club, cudgel ge tomga
12 h1A9 n coin ge grincli
12 h1AA n comb ge kunde
12 h1AB n computer (electronic instruction-obeying information-handler) ge pro
12 h1AC n container ge clungro
12 h1AD n cord, cable (thicker than wire) ge zum
12 h1AE n cover (thing put onto or extended over something else) ge planku
12 h1AF n cup (small bowl with handle) ge bandri
12 h1B0 n curtain ge prambu
12 h1B1 n dial (circle marked with numbers/symbols) ge glogem
12 h1B2 n dish (any shallow concave container) ge krun
12 h1B3 n doll, effigy ge gra
12 h1B4 n dome (anything shaped like an upside-down bowl) ge pliple
12 h1B5 n drain (device that removes unwanted liquid) ge vo
12 h1B6 n drill ge tepe
12 h1B7 n drum (hollow musical instrument beaten with sticks or hands) ge zumblim
12 h1B8 n envelope (folded paper covering a letter) ge dundun
12 h1B9 n fan (device to create air current) ge va
12 h1BA n fence (outdoor barrier supported by posts) ge gunple
12 h1BB n file (tool for abrading) ge grangle
12 h1BC n flag, banner ge gradem
12 h1BD n fork (instrument with >=2 prongs for picking up something) ge trenblin
12 h1BE n frame (structure supporting or surrounding something) ge bu
12 h1BF n furniture ge drin
12 h1C0 n gear (toothed wheel) ge gleku
12 h1C1 n guitar (stringed instrument played with the fingers) ge drimpi
12 h1C2 n gun (ballistic weapon) ge teten
12 h1C3 n hammer ge plopum
12 h1C4 n handle (part of tool by which it is held) ge tozi
12 h1C5 n hinge ge tenbe
12 h1C6 n hook ge grobo
12 h1C7 n horn (makes noise when blown) ge dinplu
12 h1C8 n hourglass ge clombu
12 h1C9 n jar, jug (big wide-mouthed bottle) ge plen
12 h1CA n key (metal device for operating lock) ge ko
12 h1CB n knife ge tibu
12 h1CC n knob ge clum
12 h1CD n ladder ge penka
12 h1CE n lamp ge blodom
12 h1CF n lens ge gipum
12 h1D0 n lever ge prumbre
12 h1D1 n lock (device for securing doors) ge kom
12 h1D2 n machine (device with moving parts) ge pupi
12 h1D3 n match (little fire-stick) ge kin
12 h1D4 n microscope ge plupen
12 h1D5 n mirror ge clagi
12 h1D6 n motor, engine ge bibli
12 h1D7 n nail (pointy fastener) ge drekin
12 h1D8 n needle ge tuban
12 h1D9 n net ge tokim
12 h1DA n oven ge prundi
12 h1DB n package, packet, parcel ge kipam
12 h1DC n paddle, oar (stick with broad end) ge bukri
12 h1DD n pan (broad shallow cooking dish) ge biga
12 h1DE n patch (a piece used to cover/repair a flaw) ge paga
12 h1DF n pedal ge konpla
12 h1E0 n pen (writing tool that uses ink) ge tranclim
12 h1E1 n pencil, crayon (writing tool that uses semi-solid substance) ge toplo
12 h1E2 n pillow, cushion ge tan
12 h1E3 n pipe (a hard tube for transporting liquid) ge granplo
12 h1E4 n plate (shallow dish, usually round) ge dibe
12 h1E5 n plow (plough) ge bemta
12 h1E6 n pocket ge tomgom
12 h1E7 n pole, stick (long bar) ge bruto
12 h1E8 n post (vertical pole anchored in ground) ge tomvu
12 h1E9 n pot (deep round vessel) ge prim
12 h1EA n pulley ge vun
12 h1EB n pump ge tintom
12 h1EC n rack (framework of bars for storage) ge tubom
12 h1ED n radio apparatus, wireless set ge de
12 h1EE n rail (usually horizontal bar for restraining/supporting things) ge bredra
12 h1EF n rake ge penplu
12 h1F0 n razor ge zam
12 h1F1 n rope ge kukan
12 h1F2 n rug, mat ge plum
12 h1F3 n sack, bag ge bliti
12 h1F4 n sail ge bumtom
12 h1F5 n saw (tool) ge glankra
12 h1F6 n scale (device to measure weight) ge dra
12 h1F7 n scissors ge pre
12 h1F8 n screen, mesh ge dube
12 h1F9 n screw (threaded fastener) ge prem
12 h1FA n sign (board with public notice written on it) ge brunblon
12 h1FB n shelf ge clito
12 h1FC n shield (a protective implement) ge bumge
12 h1FD n shovel ge brengru
12 h1FE n spear, lance ge po
12 h1FF n sponge (real/synthetic corpse of animal of phylum Porifera) ge krengrun
12 h200 n spool, reel (cylinder onto which something is wound) ge preta
12 h201 n spoon ge trompri
12 h202 n spring (metal helix) ge boto
12 h203 n staple (fastener) ge dimbim
12 h204 n strap ge bangu
12 h205 n string (thicker than thread and thinner than rope) ge dutra
12 h206 n stylus ge kubun
12 h207 n sword ge binbin
12 h208 n syringe ge kimpru
12 h209 n table (piece of furniture with flat top) ge kamgi
12 h20A n telephone ge ve
12 h20B n telescope ge tuka
12 h20C n television set ge den
12 h20D n toilet, water closet ge botin
12 h20E n tool, utensil, implement ge ponpin
12 h20F n tongs ge cla
12 h210 n towel ge blum
12 h211 n toy, plaything ge blam
12 h212 n trap ge biti
12 h213 n tray (shallow rectangular dish) ge topu
12 h214 n umbrella ge binbom
12 h215 n valve (flow-controller) ge grimglu
12 h216 n weapon ge gram
12 h217 n wheel ge zava
12 h218 n wire (long thread-like piece of metal) ge demkra
12 h219 n wrench {British: spanner} ge tridi
13 h21A n apron ro bike
13 h21B n belt ro zocla
13 h21C n coat (heavy outer garment with sleeves) ro kope
13 h21D n collar ro gron
13 h21E n eyeglasses ro dukun
13 h21F n garment (item of clothing) ro glapro
13 h220 n glove ro blanpra
13 h221 n harness ro tando
13 h222 n hat, cap ro bompla
13 h223 n helmet ro ke
13 h224 n jacket (a short and/or lightweight coat) ro pemka
13 h225 n necktie ro gidin
13 h226 n pants, trousers ro brondu
13 h227 n shirt ro zimglen
13 h228 n shorts, trunks (trousers extending no lower than knees) ro zan
13 h229 n shoe ro podu
13 h22A n skirt, kilt, dress (any torso-garment open at the bottom) ro zemplo
13 h22B n sock, hose, stocking ro plu
13 h22C n uniform (special garments worn by members of a group) ro vigen
13 h22D n veil ro tin
14 h22E n building, edifice (structure with walls and roof) zio cleblo
14 h22F n attic, garret zio cliplu
14 h230 n ceiling zio grimblin
14 h231 n cellar, basement zio vodo
14 h232 n chimney zio prentro
14 h233 n door zio bintem
14 h234 n elevator {British: lift} zio denplu
14 h235 n fireplace, hearth zio kepri
14 h236 n floor (bottom of room) zio gratra
14 h237 n roof zio krem
14 h238 n room, chamber zio trem
14 h239 n stair(s) zio gronzen
14 h23A n wall zio tomble
14 h23B n window zio pabi
14 h23C n church (building or institution of public worship) zio gran
14 h23D n factory zio pangan
14 h23E n hospital zio zengri
14 h23F n hotel, inn zio bem
14 h240 n house (a free-standing man-made dwelling-building) zio kumze
14 h241 n library zio krombe
14 h242 n mill (place where raw materials are processed) zio triba
14 h243 n prison, jail zio gleta
14 h244 n school zio grupo
14 h245 n store, shop, boutique zio demtu
14 h246 n tavern, bar, pub zio prutre
14 h247 n theater zio pumbru
14 h248 n university zio dupi
14 h249 n bridge zio kunple
14 h24A n farm zio vade
14 h24B n park (public outdoor area) zio bipim
14 h24C n market (place where goods are bought/sold/traded) zio gronzan
14 h24D n tower zio dunten
15 h24E n agency, bureau zio clemtro
15 h24F n army zio preva
15 h250 n authority (the right/power to command) zio grunprim
15 h251 n campaign (for political office) zio prupli
15 h252 n constitution (charter of an organization) zio benbra
15 h253 v control ver vudo
15 h254 n court (of law) zio brobun
15 h255 n crime zio kitu
15 h256 v elect (select by voting) ver dapi
15 h257 aj free (at liberty) vi zigle
15 h258 n government zio gopu
15 h259 aj independent vi graclu
15 h25A aj international vi grendra
15 h25B n jury zio denbun
15 h25C n law (a rule enforced by a government) zio gongom
15 h25D aj military vi pende
15 h25E n nation, state (political entity) zio gabum
15 h25F v obey ver tika
15 h260 aj official (issued with authority) vi brundi
15 h261 v organize (bring X's together to perform a task) ver kocla
15 h262 n parliament, congress (legislative body of elected officers) zio grida
15 h263 n party (political), sect (religious) zio gengim
15 h264 v permit, allow, let ver dendro
15 h265 n police (organization to enforce laws) zio clanto
15 h266 n politics zio kanclo
15 h267 v prohibit, forbid, contra-permit ver trenze
15 h268 n province (of Canada etc.), prefecture, state (of USA etc.) co zen
15 h269 v resign ver pevu
15 h26A n rule, regulation ver blenpre
15 h26B n submission, surrender zio trimza
15 h26C n tax zio tumbla
15 h26D n trial (in court) zio zike
15 h26E v unite ver blotam
15 h26F v vote ver kokru
15 h270 n war co pruben
16 h271 v accept (willingly receive) ver bapri
16 h272 n account (record of money received/paid/owed) ven go
16 h273 n bank (monetary institution) ven zonclom
16 h274 n bill, invoice (statement of money owed) ven tekin
16 h275 v borrow ver kremglom
16 h276 n business, commerce ven gipun
16 h277 v buy, purchase ver puda
16 h278 aj cheap, inexpensive vi prengro
16 h279 n check (written order directing a bank to pay from an account) ven blatam
16 h27A n company (a business organization), firm ven duvi
16 h27B n contract (agreement-document) ven vogli
16 h27C n credit (permission to borrow money) ven blukre
16 h27D n debt, obligation to pay ven zakam
16 h27E v exchange, trade, swap ver zibi
16 h27F aj expensive, costly vi troke
16 h280 aj frugal, thrifty vi genpru
16 h281 aj generous, charitable vi krabim
16 h282 vt get, acquire, gain, obtain ver gen
16 h283 v give ver pundru
16 h284 n insurance (protective contractual arrangement) ven dedu
16 h285 v invest ver krinpe
16 h286 n job, employment ven pan
16 h287 v keep, retain, go on having (e.g. "you should keep this book") ver plupa
16 h288 v lack (be without) ver trinzen
16 h289 v lend ver godra
16 h28A vt lose (cease having; contra-acquire) ver kegom
16 h28B n merchandise, goods, wares ven tobra
16 h28C n money ven gligem
16 h28D v offer (present for acceptance or rejection) ver kapli
16 h28E v own (possess according to law or custom) ver bromke
16 h28F v pay ver trum
16 h290 aj poor, impoverished vi grenbi
16 h291 n price, cost ven bengle
16 h292 aj private (contra-public) vi grupa
16 h293 n prize, award ven grinto
16 h294 n profit, gain ven priza
16 h295 v provide, supply, furnish ver clitum
16 h296 aj public (available to most or all persons) vi ponclu
16 h297 v punish ver bon
16 h298 v receive ver gromku
16 h299 v reject, refuse (contra-accept) ver dantem
16 h29A n responsibility, liability, accountability ven tronzun
16 h29B v reward ver drubra
16 h29C aj rich, wealthy vi gupo
16 h29D v sell ver ge
16 h29E v steal (take in a criminal way) ver clomkre
16 h29F n store, cache, reserve, reservoir ven drombli
16 h2A0 v take (in the sense of E-o "preni", G "nehmen", Sp "tomar") ver krunvo
16 h2A1 n ticket, coupon ven grumba
16 h2A2 n value (the quality of being useful and/or desirable), worth ven ziten
17 h2A3 n angel, fairy (supernatural flying humanoid) ven vengrim
17 h2A4 v bless (wish good upon) ver vumza
17 h2A5 v curse, damn (wish evil upon) ver tandi
17 h2A6 n ghost (manifestation of dead person's soul) ven vopon
17 h2A7 n god, diety ven glazo
17 h2A8 n heaven, celestial realm, Valhala etc. ven bramba
17 h2A9 n hell, Hades ven broken
17 h2AA aj holy, sacred vi glimtron
17 h2AB n magic, sorcery ven glan
17 h2AC v pray (communicate with god(s)) ver blankre
17 h2AD n priest, clergyman ven glagom
17 h2AE n religion ven cliglu
17 h2AF n revelation, mystical vision ven plemtrem
17 h2B0 n ritual, rite, ceremony ven kemti
17 h2B1 n soul, spirit (believed to outlive the body) ven drumbron
18 h2B2 v admire ver plenke
18 h2B3 aj alert vi tinbro
18 h2B4 aj angry vi vegu
18 h2B5 v approve (of) ver gekra
18 h2B6 n art (creative craft; productive use of talent) sen kumpu
18 h2B7 n attention (active perception) sen kan
18 h2B8 n behavior, conduct sen blundru
18 h2B9 v believe (accept as true) ver dinpon
18 h2BA v blame ver gutra
18 h2BB aj boring, tedious vi daten
18 h2BC v calculate, reckon ver brutan
18 h2BD n care, concern (about someone / something) sen krunbu
18 h2BE n caution, prudence, carefulness sen takre
18 h2BF v celebrate, rejoice ver gri
18 h2C0 v choose, pick (out), select one of many possibilities ver drunka
18 h2C1 n comfort (freedom from pain and/or worry) sen blunko
18 h2C2 v compare ver krimtru
18 h2C3 aj conscious, aware vi dupri
18 h2C4 n courage, bravery sen vindu
18 h2C5 aj dear, precious, cherished vi clebon
18 h2C6 v decide ver pabin
18 h2C7 n disappointment sen drunblu
18 h2C8 v distinguish, differentiate, tell one from another ver zeba
18 h2C9 v doubt ver bomben
18 h2CA n dream sen zingro
18 h2CB n embarrassment sen gomgim
18 h2CC n enthusiasm, zeal sen tanke
18 h2CD v expect, anticipate (believe that X will come/happen) sver tumgin
18 h2CE v experience (consciously live through an event) ver krende
18 h2CF v favor, prefer ver trugun
18 h2D0 v fear (be afraid of) ver gomtam
18 h2D1 v feel (experience an emotion/sentiment) ver gumge
18 h2D2 aj foolish vi tramglu
18 h2D3 v forget (contra-remember) ver dumpa
18 h2D4 v forgive, pardon ver kemzo
18 h2D5 aj funny, comical vi clatu
18 h2D6 aj grateful, thankful vi gidru
18 h2D7 aj greedy vi granglu
18 h2D8 v guard, monitor, watch over ver kepli
18 h2D9 v guess, conjecture ver temblo
18 h2DA v guide, lead ver dandom
18 h2DB aj guilty, blame-worthy vi vamva
18 h2DC n habit, custom, routine practice sen ploga
18 h2DD aj happy vi plopom
18 h2DE v hate ver glade
18 h2DF v hope ver bimki
18 h2E0 aj humble, modest vi bondra
18 h2E1 n idea, concept (thought-bundle) sen komke
18 h2E2 v imagine ver kompru
18 h2E3 aj important vi venpe
18 h2E4 aj innocent, contra-guilty vi gromgi
18 h2E5 aj insane, crazy, mad vi krendo
18 h2E6 aj intelligent vi gipo
18 h2E7 v intend, mean to, do deliberately, have as a purpose ver gluton
18 h2E8 n interest (desire to pay attention to something), fascination sen tremta
18 h2E9 v invent (plan something which has never been made before) ver gabam
18 h2EA n jealousy, envy sen kundro
18 h2EB v judge (compare something to criteria), form an opinion about ver cludro
18 h2EC v know ver bam
18 h2ED n knowledge sen zegu
18 h2EE v learn ver zotu
18 h2EF v like, enjoy (derive pleasure from) ver granke
18 h2F0 n logic (formalized process of reasoning) sen krin
18 h2F1 aj lonely (feeling undesirable solitude) vi grundru
18 h2F2 v love ver dapin
18 h2F3 aj loyal vi tombum
18 h2F4 n mercy sen zido
18 h2F5 n mind sen tungle
18 h2F6 n mystery sen gropi
18 h2F7 n neglect, negligence, apathy sen vebu
18 h2F8 aj nice, kind, affable vi kizo
18 h2F9 v notice, observe ver gumku
18 h2FA n opinion sen koku
18 h2FB n patience sen drim
18 h2FC n peace (freedom from fighting or turmoil) sen plemtren
18 h2FD v perceive, detect ver trun
18 h2FE v pity, feel compassion toward, feel sorry for ver dumtre
18 h2FF n plan, design sen zun
18 h300 n play (performed by actors on stage), drama sen zanve
18 h301 v pretend, act, feign ver breblu
18 h302 n pride (proudness; self-respect) sen dronga
18 h303 n reason, explanation, justification, rationale sen tomkon
18 h304 n reasoning, rational thought sen krumbli
18 h305 v recognize ver grandron
18 h306 v regret ver bridom
18 h307 v remember ver glunbu
18 h308 v respect, venerate, esteem ver glendlam
18 h309 n revenge, vengeance, retribution, getting even sen trigom
18 h30A aj sad, unhappy, melancholy vi trokan
18 h30B n satisfaction sen pun
18 h30C v seek, search (for), look for ver tobo
18 h30D v seem, appear to be, give the impression of ver blibu
18 h30E aj serious, earnest, grave vi pa
18 h30F n shame sen kemkro
18 h310 v study ver kenvu
18 h311 aj stupid vi dugom
18 h312 n subject, topic of discussion sen clinpram
18 h313 v suppose, presume ver prumbrun
18 h314 v surprise, startle ver drendre
18 h315 n talent, skill, knack sen prikun
18 h316 v teach ver penben
18 h317 v tempt ver kutin
18 h318 n theory sen paka
18 h319 v think ver tampan
18 h31A v trust ver panbem
18 h31B v understand, comprehend ver glo
18 h31C v want, wish, desire ver pligru
18 h31D n whim, caprice sen glizi
18 h31E aj wise vi tramku
18 h31F n worry, anxiety sen vupam
19 h320 n address (postal co-ordinates) le gem
19 h321 v admit, confess ver drimven
19 h322 n advertisement le gligle
19 h323 n advice le venblom
19 h324 n alphabet le gabro
19 h325 v announce, proclaim ver globo
19 h326 n answer, reply to a question or argument le kamka
19 h327 n article, essay (piece of text about one topic) le bromgrun
19 h328 v ask, inquire ver domze
19 h329 n book le dampi
19 h32A v call, summon ver drope
19 h32B n chapter (main division of book) le punbin
19 h32C n chart, diagram le demge
19 h32D n claim, assertion (statement of unknown accuracy) le ditu
19 h32E n code (cryptographic system) le plocle
19 h32F n command, order, directive le prun
19 h330 n communication (exchange of information) le beden
19 h331 n consonant (non-vowel) le clantrun
19 h332 v criticize ver duncli
19 h333 v deny (say that X is not true) ver tamta
19 h334 v describe ver dongin
19 h335 n dictionary le zapen
19 h336 v discuss, talk about ver dadi
19 h337 n document le gonze
19 h338 v emphasize, accentuate, stress ver clamtu
19 h339 n fact (undisputed datum) le dregam
19 h33A n fiction le brobi
19 h33B n file (dossier; loose bundle of data) le clonki
19 h33C n grammar (rules and structure of a language) le zintu
19 h33D n history (organized account of past events), chronicle le bumba
19 h33E v indicate ver ze
19 h33F n information le ganta
19 h340 n insult le dringle
19 h341 v invite ver tute
19 h342 n issue, edition (of periodical etc.) le giken
19 h343 n label le gonke
19 h344 n language (the verbal communication technique of a people) le vunblan
19 h345 n letter (a message written and mailed) le gimpa
19 h346 v lie (utter a known falsehood) ver grinva
19 h347 n list le blumgo
19 h348 n magazine (periodical publication) le blanvo
19 h349 v mail (transmit postally) ver dri
19 h34A n map (drawing of planet's surface) le blamze
19 h34B n meaning (semantic content of a word) le pumtri
19 h34C n message (batch of transmitted information) le vu
19 h34D n movie, motion picture le kroblu
19 h34E n name le plo
19 h34F n news, tidings le grunclem
19 h350 n newspaper le trandu
19 h351 n noise (confused/randomized sound/stimuli) le blike
19 h352 n note, annotation le krunki
19 h353 n page (one side of a sheet of paper in a book) le blondle
19 h354 n photograph le koken
19 h355 n poem le glugen
19 h356 v praise, compliment, laud ver tride
19 h357 v print (to copy marks by pressing inked objects on paper) ver clikre
19 h358 n promise (a claim about one's future actions), pledge le vigi
19 h359 n protest, objection le trudo
19 h35A n question, query le clondu
19 h35B v quote, cite ver kekin
19 h35C v read ver kombi
19 h35D n record (a cache of information) le bandu
19 h35E v request, ask for ver glotu
19 h35F v say, tell, express in words ver drentri
19 h360 aj secret vi gemkro
19 h361 n sentence (of words) le dumple
19 h362 v sing ver zibru
19 h363 v speak, talk ver ditan
19 h364 n story, report le drigem
19 h365 v suggest, propose (offer an idea) ver grimzon
19 h366 n syllable le tamga
19 h367 n symbol, sign, token le tepa
19 h368 v thank (express gratitude toward) ver clodun
19 h369 n vocabulary (sum of words available to a person/people) le pikan
19 h36A n voice le brito
19 h36B n vowel le gupla
19 h36C v warn le gligri
19 h36D n word le prombla
19 h36E v write ver gli
20 h36F n game (a rule-governed system of competitive amusement) de treglu
20 h370 n game, match (one particular encounter between competitors) de blindlem
20 h371 n athletics (games involving physical skill), sports de kemve
20 h372 n score (the tally of points in a competition) de plonclo
20 h373 n umpire, referee, official de proga
20 h374 n ball (spheroidal plaything) de tradre
20 h375 n bat, stick, racket/racquet (any ball-hitting tool) de give
20 h376 n ski de granpran
20 h377 n baseball de timte
20 h378 n basketball de benban
20 h379 n football (association f~), soccer de glim
20 h37A n football (American/tackle f~) de diko
20 h37B n gymnastics de gligru
20 h37C n hockey de pipri
20 h37D n pool, billiards de pupo
20 h37E n tennis de kromgrim
20 h37F n chess de dudro
20 h380 v play, recreate, frolic ver topim
21 h381 aj same, identical vi propre
21 h382 aj similar vi clapum
21 h383 aj different vi tangla
21 h384 aj/pn other, another vi glado
21 h385 v change (become/make different), vary ver dom
21 h386 v imitate, mimic ver piglu
21 h387 aj original, non-imitative vi tanpre
21 h388 n prototype, exemplar, archetype, model (for all Xs) de plublo
21 h389 n copy (a duplicate) de gumplu
22 h38A num zero na
22 h38B num one va
22 h38C num two ga
22 h38D num three ve
22 h38E num four ge
22 h38F num five vi
22 h390 num six gi
22 h391 num seven vo
22 h392 num eight go
22 h393 num nine vugu
22 h394 num ten ( ) tze
22 h395 num hundred ( ) tzon
22 h396 num thousand ( ) meln
22 h397 num million vatzetzonmeln
22 h398 num half (1/2) pentro
23 h399 n quantity (amount / number / magnitude) can vitim
23 h39A n number, numeral (a word or symbol indicating quantity) can bron
23 h39B v count, enumerate ver bomgle
23 h39C v measure ver bunbin
23 h39D n ratio, rate, proportion can kendre
23 h39E v add, append, join so as to cause an increase ver tunblu
23 h39F v remove, subtract, take away, delete ver pegam
23 h3A0 v increase (become or make greater in quantity) ver groki
23 h3A1 v decrease (become or make lesser in quantity) ver bromblum
23 h3A2 v multiply ver zompa
23 h3A3 v divide ver demgem
23 h3A4 n total, sum, aggregate can gruzi
23 h3A5 n rest (of ...), remainder, leftovers, remnant can blempli
23 h3A6 aj whole, entire, complete vi blidu
23 h3A7 aj all (the whole number or entire sum of) vi dopi
23 h3A8 aj many (a large number of) vi trumba
23 h3A9 aj few (a small number of) vi plogon
23 h3AA aj much (a large quantity of) vi ga
23 h3AB aj more (a larger quantity of) vi blantrum
23 h3AC aj most (the largest quantity of) vi brepom
23 h3AD aj little (a small quantity of) vi trabim
23 h3AE aj less (a smaller quantity of) vi clepe
23 h3AF aj least (the smallest quantity of) vi zedon
23 h3B0 n part can kindra
23 h3B1 n piece (a part broken/cut/separated from something larger) can biza
23 h3B2 n section, segment (a part somehow different/separated from others) can dungra
23 h3B3 n allocation, allotment, portion (someone's share of X) can drumgla
23 h3B4 n group can cluku
23 h3B5 n batch (quantity of things done/produced at one time) can bruki
23 h3B6 n bundle, bunch (group of things tied or grouped together) can kumpen
23 h3B7 n majority can zon
23 h3B8 n minority can dun
23 h3B9 n density can tadom
23 h3BA aj dense (of much density), concentrated, thick, intense vi bran
23 h3BB aj rarefied, tenuous, diffuse, dilute, sparse, wispy vi kriki
23 h3BC aj full, filled vi ti
23 h3BD aj empty vi pumtan
24 h3BE n degree (the extent/intensity/scope of an action/condition/relation) can glipu
24 h3BF av at least, not less than (>=) bio kintan
24 h3C0 av at most, only, just, merely, not more than (<=) bio dege
24 h3C1 av much, very (to a large degree; with great intensity) bio gapu
24 h3C2 av more (to a larger degree) bio tamkan
24 h3C3 av most (to the largest degree) bio grun
24 h3C4 av little (to a small degree; with almost no intensity) bio bronde
24 h3C5 av less (to a smaller degree) bio kombu
24 h3C6 av least (to the smallest degree) bio clomtrun
24 h3C7 av enough, sufficiently bio trike
24 h3C8 av almost, nearly bio clingrum
24 h3C9 av too much, excessively bio glopru
24 h3CA av too little, insufficiently bio bunda
25 h3CB n size (degree of largeness or smallness) can tive
25 h3CC aj huge, enormous, gigantic vi tu
25 h3CD aj big, large (of much size) vi dronda
25 h3CE aj small (of little size) vi dinbe
25 h3CF aj tiny, minuscule vi tromta
25 h3D0 v expand, grow ver tobro
25 h3D1 v shrink, contract ver glinpi
25 h3D2 n distance (amount of space from X to Y) ver buncle
25 h3D3 aj/av far (at / to a great distance) vi/bio bakri
25 h3D4 aj/av near (at / to a little distance) vi/bio zemkri
25 h3D5 aj present (existing in the indicated place; contra-absent) vi brendu
25 h3D6 aj absent vi kiben
25 h3D7 n place, location can pinpom
25 h3D8 n length (distance from one end to the other) can plem
25 h3D9 aj long (of much length) vi prikom
25 h3DA aj short (of little length) vi prumvi
25 h3DB n width (degree of wideness or narrowness) can plunkram
25 h3DC aj wide, broad (of space between objects) vi drakri
25 h3DD aj narrow, of little width (of space between objects) vi guge
25 h3DE n thickness (of a solid object, etc.) can grom
25 h3DF aj thick, fat (large from one surface to the opposite surface) vi genken
25 h3E0 aj thin, slender (small from one surface to the opposite surface) vi kungen
25 h3E1 n height (distance from ground / baseline to top) can teki
25 h3E2 aj high, tall (of much height) vi bande
25 h3E3 aj low, short (not tall; of little height) vi brindra
25 h3E4 n depth (distance from ground / baseline down to bottom) can von
25 h3E5 aj deep, profound (of much depth) vi pruko
25 h3E6 aj shallow (of little depth) vi donzo
25 h3E7 aj horizontal vi tondu
25 h3E8 aj vertical vi duti
25 h3E9 aj diagonal, slanted vi konbom
25 h3EA aj sloped, inclined/declined (not horizontal) vi kemvi
25 h3EB n angle (the relation of two lines radiating from a point) can tiba
25 h3EC n position (location relative to others) can clonglom
25 h3ED n region, area (a quantity of space within boundaries) can timtu
25 h3EE n space, room, void can gondru
25 h3EF n connection, joint, junction cio glemplum
25 h3F0 n environment, surroundings, context cio blimkra
25 h3F1 n front cio clatun
25 h3F2 n rear, back part of cio blanglen
25 h3F3 n side, flank, lateral area cio bliban
25 h3F4 n middle, center cio brogan
25 h3F5 n top, peak, summit cio prendra
25 h3F6 n bottom cio bante
25 h3F7 n edge cio drandlam
25 h3F8 aj inner, internal, interior vi plomprim
25 h3F9 aj outer, exterior, external vi dromplon
25 h3FA n limit, boundary cio dranplun
25 h3FB v find (discover the location of) ver krugri
25 h3FC v misplace (lose; become unable to find) ver glando
25 h3FD n direction (orientation of motion) cio ginblo
25 h3FE av up bio gliken
25 h3FF av down bio blendlo
25 h400 n north cio blubu
25 h401 n south cio trucle
25 h402 n east cio glicle
25 h403 n west cio timke
25 h404 aj right(-hand) vi plugla
25 h405 aj left(-hand) vi trombu
25 h406 av away (from this or that place) bio zegle
25 h407 av back (to previous place / condition) bio tra
25 h408 aj inverted, upside-down vi tapu
25 h409 av backward (in reverse order) bio biple
25 h40A aj direct, immediate (with no intermediaries or obstacles) vi pumbun
25 h40B aj serpentine, meandering, convoluted vi trumple
25 h40C n city cio tronva
25 h40D n village cio kreti
25 h40E n rural area, countryside cio plemzen
26 h40F n source, origin cio plebla
26 h410 n route, path, course cio panbre
26 h411 n destination lu dinka
26 h412 v aim (to point/direct X toward Y) ver bagem
26 h413 v attract ver dontra
26 h414 v avoid, evade, keep away from ver glimkram
26 h415 n barrier, obstacle lu krim
26 h416 n base, node, station (point from which things go or are done) lu glunpi
26 h417 v bring (cause something to come along with one toward a place) ver clenkren
26 h418 v capture, seize ver penpu
26 h419 v carry (move while supporting) ver glun
26 h41A v come, arrive (at indicated place) ver dem
26 h41B v drift, wander ver dratin
26 h41C v drive, impel, propel ver bumpre
26 h41D v emit (to send out any form of matter/energy in any manner) ver duki
26 h41E v enter, go into ver plempran
26 h41F v escape, flee from ver dedra
26 h420 v fly (move through the air) ver grum
26 h421 av forward, ahead bio dimbam
26 h422 v gather, collect (bring or come together) ver climpo
26 h423 v go (move from starting point to elsewhere) ver glonclen
26 h424 n journey, trip, voyage lu glandro
26 h425 v leave, depart, go away from ver glipre
26 h426 n load, burden lu zendlam
26 h427 v meet, encounter, come across ver priple
26 h428 v miss, fail to hit/reach/see etc. ver plepan
26 h429 v move (engage in motion / cause to engage in motion) ver prapo
26 h42A v put, place, translocate ver tebom
26 h42B v reach, extend as far as ver tike
26 h42C v release (quit keeping/restraining) ver bigra
26 h42D v remain, stay ver pundim
26 h42E v repel ver gempon
26 h42F v restrain, inhibit, hold back ver goblo
26 h430 v retrieve, fetch (go to X and bring it back) ver giden
26 h431 v return (go or send back to previous place/condition) ver blado
26 h432 v ride (sit/perch in/on a vehicle/horse/etc. and travel) ver pomkru
26 h433 v roll (move like a ball/cylinder by turning over and over) ver tumti
26 h434 v send, dispatch, transmit ver kagli
26 h435 v slide, slip, glide ver benbu
26 h436 v stretch, extend ver plim
26 h437 v turn, divert (send in a different direction) ver bipe
26 h438 v turn, rotate, revolve ver clutu
26 h439 v visit ver gritru
27 h43A n airplane, aircraft trans plotre
27 h43B n bicycle trans gebem
27 h43C n boat trans plomte
27 h43D n bus trans dunda
27 h43E n canal, channel, ditch trans triblu
27 h43F n car, automobile (wheeled motor vehicle) trans premzu
27 h440 n cart, carriage, wagon (wheeled vehicle; not self-propelled) trans gembre
27 h441 n motorcycle trans tudem
27 h442 n port trans clepu
27 h443 n railroad trans plemzi
27 h444 n road trans geclu
27 h445 n rocket trans vovi
27 h446 n ship trans glugan
27 h447 n street trans pomkri
27 h448 n train (of railroad) trans vum
27 h449 n truck {British: lorry} (motor vehicle for cargo-carrying) trans brikum
27 h44A n vehicle trans prode
28 h44B n age (degree of oldness / youngness) trans plumglem
28 h44C aj young (of little age; having existed/lived for a brief time) vi pampim
28 h44D aj old (of much age; having existed/lived for a long time) vi clada
28 h44E aj new, novel, recent (having been known for a brief time) vi pim
28 h44F aj old (of long standing; having been known for a long time) vi blatro
28 h450 aj permanent, perpetual vi krete
28 h451 aj constant, invariant, stable vi binda
28 h452 aj temporary, transient vi broto
28 h453 n interval (quantity of time between events X and Y) trans krumbe
28 h454 aj irregular, sporadic, intermittent vi bugru
28 h455 aj regular, periodic (at uniform intervals) vi dru
28 h456 n rhythm trans tragru
28 h457 n time (e.g. "do it 3 times"), occasion, instance, iteration trans vambra
28 h458 av again, once more, re- bio gogra
28 h459 v alternate, take turns (do X then Y then X then Y) ver bra
28 h45A n cycle (one complete performance of a periodic process) trans kinke
28 h45B n frequency (degree of oftenness or seldomness) trans keve
28 h45C av frequently, often bio grenbrum
28 h45D av seldom, rarely bio vomtro
28 h45E n duration (amount of time consumed) trans gakem
28 h45F aj long (of much duration) vi drotru
28 h460 aj short, brief (of little duration) vi dromgi
28 h461 aj gradual vi drenpe
28 h462 aj sudden, abrupt vi bromplo
28 h463 v begin, commence, start ver tiza
28 h464 v continue, keep on doing/being ver zapan
28 h465 v pause, hesitate, suspend action temporarily ver gompre
28 h466 v end, conclude, finish ver dinkro
28 h467 v cease, stop doing, quit ver beve
28 h468 v delay, retard, tarry, postpone ver plebun
28 h469 v rush, hurry, hasten ver gindlo
28 h46A n period, era, epoch trans zampren
28 h46B n moment, an instant trans krupum
28 h46C av always (at all times) vi gongen
28 h46D av ever (at any time) vi krobre
28 h46E av never vi tintri
28 h46F n time (the dimension/continuum of past-present-future) ti viban
28 h470 n past (the p~), earlier time ti tru
28 h471 n present (the present time; the now) ti gumtre
28 h472 n future (the f~) ti glombrun
28 h473 av already (prior to the time mentioned) bio glipi
28 h474 av still, yet (even until the time mentioned) bio tompu
28 h475 av yesterday bio pendra
28 h476 av today bio degle
28 h477 av tomorrow bio krom
28 h478 av long ago (in the far past) bio trim
28 h479 av recently (in the near past) bio gondin
28 h47A av now (at this time) bio kumbe
28 h47B av soon (in the near future) bio donpru
28 h47C av eventually (in the far future) bio bobi
28 h47D aj/av early, premature vi/bio ten
28 h47E av/aj timely, prompt, on time vi/bio punglu
28 h47F aj/av late, tardy vi/bio popin
28 h480 n speed, velocity (degree of fastness or slowness) ti pompra
28 h481 av quickly, rapidly, swiftly (with much speed) bio kukim
28 h482 av slowly (with little speed) bio pli
28 h483 n series (a number of similar things following one another) ti beblu
28 h484 n sequence, order (temporal arrangement of events in a series) ti kupan
28 h485 aj last, final (after all others) vi komva
28 h486 aj prior, preceding, previous, contra-next vi docle
28 h487 aj next (coming immediately after; "tomorrow" = the next day) vi trogu
28 h488 n season ti zonbla
28 h489 n spring (the season) ti blom
28 h48A n summer ti vambrum
28 h48B n autumn, fall ti tembe
28 h48C n winter ti temti
28 h48D n century ti danda
28 h48E n year ti dringrum
28 h48F n month ti gigli
28 h490 n week ti kremtren
28 h491 n day (24-hour period) ti zenglum
28 h492 n date (coordinates of a day given in some timekeeping system) ti dragun
28 h493 n day (daytime -- as opposed to night), diurnal period ti titim
28 h494 n night ti pen
28 h495 n morning (dawn to noon) ti kipun
28 h496 n noon ti bim
28 h497 n afternoon (noon to dusk) ti trate
28 h498 n evening (dusk to midnight) ti tekam
28 h499 n midnight ti dropi
28 h49A n graveyard shift, middle of the night (midnight to dawn) ti tunki
28 h49B n hour (60 minutes) ti kate
28 h49C n minute (60 seconds) ti blokon
28 h49D n second (1/60th of a minute) ti vantrem
28 h49E n holiday ti dondum
28 h49F n sabbath (day of week with religious significance) ti plaku
28 h4A0 v wait (for), await ti clodo
29 h4A1 n air men grege
29 h4A2 n alcohol men kremple
29 h4A3 n ash men pum
29 h4A4 n brass (copper-zinc alloy) men beko
29 h4A5 n carbon men grokro
29 h4A6 n chalk men tundin
29 h4A7 n chemical (substance made by or used in chemistry) men pragon
29 h4A8 n clay men produ
29 h4A9 n cloth, fabric (material made of threads) men kim
29 h4AA n coal men drabe
29 h4AB n copper men brapam
29 h4AC n dirt, earth (tangible), soil men buplu
29 h4AD n dust men domto
29 h4AE n element (substance of irreducible simplicity) men kipa
29 h4AF n fat (oily/greasy material from animal adipose tissue or plant seeds) men bomgi
29 h4B0 n fuel men krancle
29 h4B1 n glass men gogim
29 h4B2 n gold (the precious metal) men vomple
29 h4B3 n ice men bronplen
29 h4B4 n ink men grim
29 h4B5 n iron men globan
29 h4B6 n jade (the tough green gemstone) men pruton
29 h4B7 n jewel, gem men grenba
29 h4B8 n lead (the metal) men bridi
29 h4B9 n leather (prepared hide) men bridu
29 h4BA n medicine (substance that makes one healthy) men glimbra
29 h4BB n metal men granplim
29 h4BC n mineral, ore men tanbro
29 h4BD n mud men tenkom
29 h4BE n neon men kugi
29 h4BF n nitrogen men keba
29 h4C0 n oil (a combustible fatty liquid that will not mix with water) men pomvo
29 h4C1 n oil (crude oil), petroleum men doban
29 h4C2 n oxygen men bindra
29 h4C3 n paint men pontra
29 h4C4 n paper men drizu
29 h4C5 n plastic (synthetic/processed moldable material) men plemkrem
29 h4C6 n poison, toxin men blanglon
29 h4C7 n potassium men plopi
29 h4C8 n quartz men trombro
29 h4C9 n rock, stone men trukan
29 h4CA n rubber men kantre
29 h4CB n salt men kruten
29 h4CC n sand men blecla
29 h4CD n silk men pran
29 h4CE n silver (the metal) men vegom
29 h4CF n soap men krantu
29 h4D0 n sodium men glinvi
29 h4D1 n steam men gludum
29 h4D2 n steel men zingu
29 h4D3 n sulfur men gukum
29 h4D4 n tar (dark viscous liquid obtained by destructive distillation) men bronplom
29 h4D5 n tin (the metal) men kigra
29 h4D6 n water men kikro
29 h4D7 n wax men kupri
29 h4D8 n wood (the substance) men kumbi
29 h4D9 n wool men blon
30 h4DA n beer vi gundo
30 h4DB aj bitter fa tradu
30 h4DC n bread vi bodre
30 h4DD n butter fa krebu
30 h4DE n cheese fa kitam
30 h4DF n chocolate fa krambro
30 h4E0 n flavor, taste fa blizu
30 h4E1 n flour (grain-powder) fa pri
30 h4E2 n food fa zoden
30 h4E3 n honey fa pinten
30 h4E4 n milk fa dromble
30 h4E5 n pasta, noodles fa gogi
30 h4E6 n pizza fa gopo
30 h4E7 n salad fa pruki
30 h4E8 n sandwich fa pogo
30 h4E9 n sausage fa gampem
30 h4EA n soup fa kro
30 h4EB aj sour vi bleclo
30 h4EC n spice, seasoning fa glanda
30 h4ED n sugar fa dandum
30 h4EE aj sweet vi dode
30 h4EF n vinegar fa briko
30 h4F0 n wine fo glonbi
31 h4F1 n arch fo kronbo
31 h4F2 n band, tape, flat strip fo plunkrim
31 h4F3 n block (solid flat-surfaced mass of material) fo drikun
31 h4F4 n branch (small part going out from main part) fo bunbo
31 h4F5 n bump, protrusion fo dradin
31 h4F6 n card (stiff rectangle of material) fo glomba
31 h4F7 n circle fo demken
31 h4F8 n coil fo diden
31 h4F9 n cone fo glupem
31 h4FA n crack, fissure fo dezi
31 h4FB n cross (perpendicular intersection of linear items) fo peki
31 h4FC n crystal fo glonplu
31 h4FD n cube fo trunzen
31 h4FE n curve fo brugla
31 h4FF n cylinder fo glokim
31 h500 n dent, nick, indentation fo trubu
31 h501 n disk, disc fo gabin
31 h502 n drop (of liquid) fo grado
31 h503 n film (very thin layer) fo ven
31 h504 aj flared (opening up or spreading out from axis) vi damgun
31 h505 n foam, froth fo datam
31 h506 n form, shape fo bri
31 h507 n furrow, rut, groove fo blandren
31 h508 n garbage, trash, rubbish fo grenglu
31 h509 n gas fo trungru
31 h50A n helix (any corkscrew-shaped object) fo dumpi
31 h50B n hole f tun
31 h50C n jelly (gelatinous semi-solid material), gel fo drombro
31 h50D n juice (fluid extracted from something) fo kundem
31 h50E n layer fo prebom
31 h50F n line (series of contiguous points) fo preken
31 h510 n liquid fo dim
31 h511 n loop, circuit, closed curve fo ketim
31 h512 n lump, clod, blob, piece of no particular shape fo gantom
31 h513 n mark (visible traces left behind) fo drotum
31 h514 n matter, material, substance fo gunda
31 h515 n object (concrete tangible thing) fo kongo
31 h516 n opening, orifice fo gligo
31 h517 n oval, ellipse fo trimzan
31 h518 aj parallel vi dintra
31 h519 n paste (any thick soft dough-like material) fo gemgro
31 h51A n pattern (apparent systematic interrelationship) fo bingen
31 h51B n pile, heap, stack of things or of a substance fo kobla
31 h51C n plane (flat surface) fo trebi
31 h51D n plug, seal, stopper fo bepen
31 h51E n powder fo trotan
31 h51F n pyramid fo digru
31 h520 n ray fo propri
31 h521 n rectangle fo glandra
31 h522 n ring, torus fo dongri
31 h523 n rust, corrosion fo brenglum
31 h524 n scratch fo grambri
31 h525 n sheath fo zedam
31 h526 n sheet (thin rectangle of paper/cloth/etc.) fo pamtru
31 h527 n shower, sprinkle fo trondram
31 h528 n smoke fo krunti
31 h529 n solid (not a gas or liquid) fo bobre
31 h52A n sphere fo vundrum
31 h52B n spike, barb, cleat, thorn fo gendro
31 h52C n spiral, whorl fo pake
31 h52D n square fo takin
31 h52E n stripe fo pomku
31 h52F n surface fo kaku
31 h530 n swelling, inflation fo kenzu
31 h531 aj tapered (becoming narrower toward an end) vi krimtram
31 h532 n thread, filament fo blomblim
31 h533 n triangle fo drablu
31 h534 n wave fo tembin
31 h535 n wedge fo bongi
31 h536 n wrinkle, crease fo buntu
32 h537 aj flat, planar vi bonvu
32 h538 aj level, even (on the same level) vi gendi
32 h539 aj smooth vi kove
32 h53A aj rough, coarse, contra-smooth vi za
32 h53B aj straight (not bent) vi pleke
32 h53C aj bent vi panbri
32 h53D aj pure, unadulterated, uncontaminated vi panpum
32 h53E aj clean vi zapri
32 h53F aj dirty, contra-clean vi zogum
32 h540 aj open (not shut) vi drekru
32 h541 aj closed, shut vi plun
32 h542 aj wet vi grimbu
32 h543 aj dry vi brunbron
32 h544 aj sharp, keen, pointy, acute vi dikom
32 h545 aj dull, blunt (of little sharpness) vi kren
32 h546 aj soft, malleable, yielding to pressure vi branble
32 h547 aj hard, firm, resistant to pressure vi tumben
32 h548 aj flexible (easily able to bend) vi glibe
32 h549 aj stiff, rigid vi climbrin
32 h54A aj elastic (able to regain shape/size after deformation) vi getu
32 h54B aj durable, resilient, robust, strong (in this sense) vi glubu
32 h54C aj fragile, delicate vi plibun
32 h54D n weight (degree of heaviness or lightness) fo ganpu
32 h54E aj heavy (of much weight) vi diclo
32 h54F aj light (of little weight) vi kembam
32 h550 aj solid (contra-hollow) vi blem
32 h551 aj hollow vi tondru
32 h552 aj snug (just large enough to contain X), tight (in this sense) vi kogu
32 h553 aj loose (contra-snug), baggy vi badi
32 h554 aj taut, tight, tense, strained vi zondi
32 h555 aj loose (contra-taut), slack vi krompron
32 h556 aj viscous, thick (of high viscosity) vi kotin
32 h557 aj runny, thin (of little viscosity) vi pemkro
33 h558 v absorb ver gantun
33 h559 v adhere (hold tightly to / stick to something) ver drindi
33 h55A v beat (repeatedly hit), batter ver blukan
33 h55B v blow (move/cause to move as a current of gas) ver pledem
33 h55C v boil ver bembri
33 h55D v bounce, rebound ver glunde
33 h55E v break (into pieces) ver bubu
33 h55F v build (join materials to create), construct ver tapri
33 h560 v burn ver pinda
33 h561 v burst ver vogi
33 h562 v consume, deplete, expend, exhaust, use up ver blembru
33 h563 v contain ver bage
33 h564 v crush (press on so as to break or re-shape) ver damba
33 h565 v cut ver kimga
33 h566 v dig ver glakan
33 h567 v dissolve ver plimbi
33 h568 v evaporate ver blanta
33 h569 v explode ver donpen
33 h56A v float ver clikun
33 h56B v flow (travel in a current) ver demte
33 h56C v fold ver glombo
33 h56D v freeze ver plopim
33 h56E v grind ver pikra
33 h56F v hang, suspend, dangle ver trupru
33 h570 v hit, strike ver dumbre
33 h571 v melt ver pedam
33 h572 v mix, blend ver tonpan
33 h573 v pollute, contaminate ver grinbre
33 h574 v pour (cause to flow) ver gumbe
33 h575 v preserve, maintain (keep X in good condition) ver gronbren
33 h576 v press (do pressure to; push upon with weight or force) ver bupem
33 h577 v pry {British: prize} (raise/open/move with a lever) ver glogu
33 h578 v pull (draw something toward oneself) ver gomkin
33 h579 v push (press on something in order to move it) ver brimpe
33 h57A v rot, decay ver piton
33 h57B v rub, abrade ver prabre
33 h57C v sew ver zezo
33 h57D v shake ver dugre
33 h57E v shoot (cause to rapidly go forth) ver depla
33 h57F v sink ver bunke
33 h580 v spill (accidentally emit liquid) ver blimplu
33 h581 v spread (begin to cover or cause X to cover more area) ver druze
33 h582 v stab, jab ver botu
33 h583 v stir, agitate ver dramglom
33 h584 v suck ver kipom
33 h585 v sweep ver kongim
33 h586 v tear, rip ver kindu
33 h587 v tie, bind ver bentan
33 h588 v trim, prune (cut off ragged edges) ver tranda
33 h589 v wash ver pramge
33 h58A v weave ver dam
33 h58B v wrap ver degi
34 h58C aj acid(ic) vi bamgi
34 h58D aj alkaline vi banton
34 h58E n atom men zanbra
34 h58F n balance, equilibrium men clumvon
34 h590 n basis, foundation (part which supports the rest) men trindu
34 h591 n electricity men pada
34 h592 n energy men dugro
34 h593 n fire men pumkum
34 h594 n force men gigim
34 h595 n gravity men pita
34 h596 n magnet men bemtru
34 h597 n molecule men dinpe
34 h598 n power men tondun
34 h599 n smell, odor, aroma men krunplin
34 h59A n strength (ability to exert physical power) men pampo
34 h59B n stroke, jolt, blow of force men grapra
34 h59C n vacuum men briva
34 h59D n vapor, mist men primki
34 h59E n polarity (electric, magnetic, etc.) men dimpon
34 h59F aj positive vi dutri
34 h5A0 aj negative vi blutum
34 h5A1 aj gentle, mild vi kunpin
34 h5A2 aj violent, harsh vi gremprem
35 h5A3 v see ver drupin
35 h5A4 n light (visible electro-magnetic radiation) men kenpe
35 h5A5 n color men kikan
35 h5A6 n shadow, shade men kimtun
35 h5A7 v shine (radiate light) ver cluva
35 h5A8 n picture, image men kromke
35 h5A9 aj bright (with much light present) vi bingam
35 h5AA aj dark, dim (with little light present) vi konbla
35 h5AB aj black vi clekum
35 h5AC aj gray {British: grey} vi ganpru
35 h5AD aj white vi detim
35 h5AE aj red vi gibru
35 h5AF aj orange (having a hue between red and yellow) vi blampi
35 h5B0 aj yellow vi tonpo
35 h5B1 aj green vi tutin
35 h5B2 aj blue vi konton
35 h5B3 aj purple vi pinte
35 h5B4 aj brown vi glondlan
35 h5B5 aj beautiful vi kramgi
35 h5B6 aj ugly vi vubin
35 h5B7 n ornament, decoration men kuvi
35 h5B8 n blemish, blot so kati
35 h5B9 v hide, conceal ver prumbu
35 h5BA v reveal, disclose ver banka
35 h5BB v examine, inspect ver kanpom
35 h5BC v show, exhibit, display ver dentim
36 h5BD n sound (audible waves in the air) so dada
36 h5BE aj silent vi vem
36 h5BF aj quiet, soft, faint (of little sonic intensity) vi kindam
36 h5C0 aj loud (of much sonic intensity) vi piko
36 h5C1 v hear ver kudi
36 h5C2 n music so goko
36 h5C3 n tone, pitch (frequency of sound waves) so dibu
36 h5C4 v whistle ver demkim
37 h5C5 n temperature (relative amount of heat present) so gengom
37 h5C6 n heat, warmth so pubon
37 h5C7 aj cold, chilly, frigid vi veclo
37 h5C8 aj cool vi gangu
37 h5C9 aj warm vi dran
37 h5CA aj hot vi clova
37 h5CB v bake (cook or harden by means of dry heat) ver clunzi
37 h5CC v cook (prepare by applying heat) ver bipro
38 h5CD v happen, occur ver panti
38 h5CE n accident (unintentional and unexpected event) su glitre
38 h5CF n miracle su gumto
38 h5D0 n disaster, catastrophe su kutru
38 h5D1 n act, deed su pongun
38 h5D2 n activity, bustle, ado su clende
38 h5D3 n result, consequence su gobu
38 h5D4 v agree ver prazo
38 h5D5 v fight, combat ver gundim
38 h5D6 v protect, defend ver braban
38 h5D7 v attack ver gata
38 h5D8 aj good vi vanzo
38 h5D9 aj bad vi sovanzo
38 h5DA n category, classification su brogun
38 h5DB n kind, sort, type, variety (of...) su dengli
38 h5DC aj certain, sure vi bombo
38 h5DD aj probable (likely to happen/be) vi trinbi
38 h5DE v cooperate, collaborate ver gamtom
38 h5DF v compete, strive, vie ver trindro
38 h5E0 v help, assist, aid ver pimbon
38 h5E1 v interfere, hinder ver glambro
38 h5E2 v succeed ver tragi
38 h5E3 v fail ver cloto
38 h5E4 aj simple vi kumgom
38 h5E5 aj complex vi glongli
38 h5E6 n condition, state, status ver kimtro
38 h5E7 v create, make (bring into existence) ver vado
38 h5E8 v destroy (contra-create; cause to cease existing) ver prandra
38 h5E9 n safety, security su gemza
38 h5EA n danger (situation in which harm is probable) su trumpi
38 h5EB aj easy vi gebi
38 h5EC aj difficult, hard vi degra
38 h5ED aj true vi tram
38 h5EE aj false, untrue vi dumba
38 h5EF aj famous vi kudun
38 h5F0 aj obscure, unheard of vi gigom
38 h5F1 v injure, damage, harm ver bokom
38 h5F2 v repair, fix ver bapo
38 h5F3 n flaw, defect, imperfection su plonplim
38 h5F4 aj native (naturally belonging to a given realm) vi pluko
38 h5F5 aj chief, main, primary, principal vi gigam
38 h5F6 aj auxiliary vi kontem
38 h5F7 aj normal, ordinary, usual vi clundu
38 h5F8 aj strange, weird, unusual, peculiar vi kanbon
38 h5F9 n trouble, difficulty su vepam
38 h5FA aj real, actual vi plimzu
38 h5FB n trick, chicanery su clem
38 h5FC aj right, correct vi bagre
38 h5FD aj wrong, incorrect vi piba
38 h5FE v reside, dwell, live ver brable
38 h5FF n camp, bivouac, temporary shelter cio plinbrem
38 h600 n nest, den, lair (an animal's self-made house) cio kide
38 h601 v represent (act as a substitute for) ver todro
38 h602 n substitute, surrogate (temporary replacement) su kegro
38 h603 n replacement (permanent substitute/substitution) su kundru
38 h604 aj common, general (shared by all members of a group) vi pamgan
38 h605 aj specific, special, particular vi dupo
38 h606 n ability, capacity (to do something) cua brabru
38 h607 aj artificial (deliberately made by humans) vi dakim
38 h608 aj automatic vi clemke
38 h609 n chance, randomicity, luck cua drinplum
38 h60A n civilization co gudan
38 h60B aj clear, plain (easy to see/understand) vi prokru
38 h60C n compromise cua gumgli
38 h60D v consist of, be composed of ver clu
38 h60E v depend on, rely on ver kregu
38 h60F v deserve, merit, be worthy of ver blimki
38 h610 n detail cua bopre
38 h611 aj equal vi gibro
38 h612 aj evil vi zetre
38 h613 aj exact, precise vi krimple
38 h614 n example, sample ac glaku
38 h615 n exercise, practice (effort made to improve skills/health) ac clenka
38 h616 n experiment ac tendu
38 h617 aj fertile vi tapam
38 h618 n harmony (pleasing combination of stimuli) ac puba
38 h619 aj just, fair, equitable vi kengri
38 h61A n match (a thing suitably associated with another) ac granbi
38 h61B n method, manner, way (of doing), technique ac drenven
38 h61C aj mutual, reciprocal vi poplu
38 h61D aj naked, nude, exposed (without the usual cover) vi zando
38 h61E aj necessary, needed, required vi brapro
38 h61F v need, require ver clendlam
38 h620 aj possible (able to happen or be done) vi bunbon
38 h621 v prevent (keep from happening) ver plinza
38 h622 n process, procedure ac kebi
38 h623 n program ac pren
38 h624 n progress, advancement ac plonki
38 h625 n project, undertaking, venture ac pe
38 h626 n proof, evidence ac glengri
38 h627 n quality, trait, attribute, characteristic ac dumbun
38 h628 aj ready, prepared for a task / event vi dempun
38 h629 n relationship, association ac blumto
38 h62A n right (a right to do/be ...) ac geti
38 h62B n role (an individual's function) ac blinglan
38 h62C v save, rescue ver krobam
38 h62D n species ac gendon
38 h62E aj suitable, proper, fit(ting), appropriate vi pomton
38 h62F n system ac vupon
38 h630 n task, chore, job, assignment ac brim
38 h631 n technology ac donkan
38 h632 n tendency, propensity, inclination ac vevu
38 h633 v try, attempt, endeavor ver truge
38 h634 v use, utilize ver zage
38 h635 n vogue, trend, fad, fashion ro breda
38 h636 v waste, misuse ver voclo
38 h637 aj wild, feral, untamed vi gleki
38 h638 n work, effort, labor, toil ac tremgrom
38 h639 n riot ac broncle
38 h63A n science ac tutem
38 h63B v serve (provide service to) ver bratu
38 h63C n set (complete group of similar items) ac ben
38 h63D n strike (work stoppage as protest) ac tragu
38 h63E v support ver binbro
38 h63F v test, check ver kumkon
38 h640 v torture, torment ver glimpu

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